Be Spectacular!


Be Spectacular Life Coaching will . . .

MAKE your own choices without guilt, fear, anxiety or obligation. Follow your lead, not anyone else's.

CREATE your life's plan, not to give in to the plan forced upon you by family and friends.

LIVE your life with compassion to grow intellectually, personally and in all your relationships.

TAKE the necessary actions to make your life happy, productive and with purpose.

ARE YOU . . .

deflated, frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled, overworked, and stressed most of the time? I can help you. Being stuck ‘in a hole’ you think you will never climb out of, I show you how to climb out.

My clients are people just like you who are desperate to be more, do more.

Find yourself getting deeper into the status quo of work, family, debt and responsibilities? Do you wake up thinking, ‘I’ll just give in, it is easier’? ’

Base your life on love, not fear.

My mission is to support you in making choices that impact your life for prosperity, happiness and without drama. The process is to decide what choices to make, action to implement in your life, and how to be with your consequences.

If you are not living the life you want and are miserable. Let’s begin today to turn your life around.

Seek Advice that Empowers

Many clients before finding me ask for guidance from families and friends. Their advice can be problematic as it comes with personal agendas that colour their opinion. Judgements creep in, and the support you want isn’t available.

The advantage to working with me as I prepare you for the challenges that occur when loved ones don’t want you to change. Examples: Large families don’t want you to be thin; Abusive families don’t want you to speak up for yourself.

Significant personal change has consequences you may not fully appreciate. When you change, so do the people around you. Behaviours you once accepted are now improper.

As your support system evolves, you may become frustrated, and lonely. Feelings of angst, fear and depression arise that may sabotage your growth. You may go back to old habits just to fit in again.

I show you how to stand firm, to build yourself up and give you the support to change. We go through a step by step process to make your transition easier.

Build the skills and courage to take action necessary to achieve your dreams. Be inspired to continue when your whole body says ‘I quit’.

Start listening to yourself, to your heart. Be empowered.

DARE to live your dreams.

Make DRAMATIC changes to your circumstances.

Enhance your actions for BREATHTAKING results.

Take IMPRESSIVE actions to ensure your happiness.

Be Spectacular


Solution based coaching for over 22 years.

I grew up in Vancouver, CA where I was blessed with the ocean at my door, the old growth forests and falling asleep to the plenty of rain. After earning a BA, I moved to England. Even though I miss the ocean, here I have fields of crops, hidden walkways and cobblestone roads living outside Maidenhead, Berkshire.

My career began in banking as a Loan Refinancer at CIBC, at age 18, Liquor Distribution Branch, Scotia Bank looking after million dollar accounts by 25.

At 26 I began my 1st company in graphics and web design, got a BA in music, and ran two more businesses, travelled, and experienced life both poor and prosperous. I understand the defeat of staying in the same job, with the same friends, and waiting for a change, being surrounded by mediocrity and the status quo, and having a challenging family.

Meeting new people and hearing their stories is a joy for me. What is a constant thread is their struggles: family problems, how to make choices without guilt, the frustration of what to do and feeling stuck in jobs they hate.

Making real change is daunting, especially looking from the inside out people can get overwhelmed, they need help to find clarity and a productive direction.

I come from generations of mentors and coaches who taught me how to hear what people need (which is often different than what they say), getting to the roots.  I can see from the impartial vantage point of seeing the whole you, and all your parts.

I found it a natural progression to offer sensible, viable, and practical solutions. Today, I can support you with solution-based advice that clears a path to the right actions, at the right time to produce your desired results.

If you are striving but struggling to have a decent life, time for family and rewarding work but don’t know the route to take, I can help. You can achieve your dreams – small or large; I can help.

Without floundering back to old habits, I want you to get your answers and how to get from a to d.

Importantly I can be the catalyst you need to be self-reliant, build strong support networks, and build incredible relationships. I give you the support you need.

Align Your Influences with Your Goals.

The people you choose to surround yourself with are the
most important aspect of your life.

Do you want to continue being miserable unfulfilled, and mediocre, surrounded by other people’s drama?

OR are you ready to learn to cut ties making space to be surrounded by individuals who inspire you, believe in you, and encourage your happiness?

Private Sessions

Coaching tailored to meet your needs, how you need and when you need, focus on personal objectives and your direction.

The 1st session is where your aims, goals and needs are clarified. Together we assess your learning styles, skills, and the best way to continue to have your needs and objectives met.  We check in, re-evaluate and adapt as required.


One-to-one coaching to learn a new skill. Become proficient in any of the skillset or holistic essential to benefit your personal and/or work.  Your sessions begin at the level you are at and continue to where you want to go.

Learn a new aspect of a skill or refresh a skill learnt a while back.  Benefits include increased efficiency at work for a promotion or recognition, or for personal growth.  Personalise your learning.


Improve your listening and response skills for easier flow of conversations at work, and in your personal life. Immediately improve comprehension, discoveries, instructions given and received, learn to ask the right questions for you.

One-to-one sessions to improve and diminish habits of interrupting, one-upping, whining, defensiveness, overstepping, barking, making assumptions to become an expert communicator.


Choose to Include Learning a New Skill or Upgrade in your Coaching

STOP SPINNING Clarity, Focus, Priorities
Schedule, Committments Productivity, Objectives, Goals
HEALTH & WELLNESS Yoga, Therapy, Nutrition
Dialogue Communicate, Listen, Thrive
ABUSE Recognise & Conquer
SOCIAL SKILLS Introvert, Extrovert, Manners
RELATIONSHIPS Building, Culling, Supportive
DIRECTION Maps, Brainstorm, Strategize
LEADERSHIP, SUPPORTERS Direction, Skilled, Manage
Quick Mind, Problem Solve Meditate & Mindfulness
BUSINESS, ENTREPRENEUR Moving Forward, Development
WRITE YOUR PLAN 1, 3, 5 Year Plans


Full Details


Achieve happiness by balancing your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Improve harmony with achievable goals for yourself, your family, your work and make your life manageable the way you want it.

Learn reasonable limits and boundaries, how and when to say no and when to say yes. Take care of yourself first to maintain your health.

Prosper with more energy, more personal time, purpose and confidence.


Social skills are a crucial component to leading a healthy, happy and gratifying life.

Enhance your manners, decorum, and comfort in all social interactions by conquering your fears and anxieties.

Engage fully with the world with a new ease to build friendships, get a better job, travell, and even volunteer.

Have the life you want full of respect and confidence.


Live in the present, living your dream(s). Extinguish excuses, limit obligations by time for things you love.

Dream big, dream small and take action today. Eliminate guilt, the idea you are being selfish and see the benefits in being who you want, and how you want. Prosper mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Commit to making an effort in the right direction, with the right tools, and mindset. Commitment to change, with full support and a map to accomplish great things.

Visualise, take action.


Holistic Tool Kit - Beginner to Expert Instruction


Instruction on varying types of meditation: lead meditation, seated and focused. Religious and non-religious.


Living life fully, moment to moment, focus on what and who is in your now instead of your mind being in the past or future or both. Live the details as well as the whole.


Personalised Hatha Yoga Sequence that includes all styles of yogasana (exercise), pranayama (breath), and samadhi (meditation).


Your emotions go askew for many reasons. Learn your triggers, and solutions for Depression / Anger, Frustration / Helplessness, Fear / Insecurities, and etc.

Eileen K, Canada

Meesa has an interesting brain.  I am happy to skip along the top of the water, where as she goes deep, discovers and explores.  This is why I hired her.

Manpreet S, UK

Never knew this mentoring was available before meeting Meesa.  I was so full of anger, frustration and wanted to scream. Tried coaches and a counsellor only to be told the same thing, ‘You are blocking your own changes’.  Meesa turned my thoughts around with compassion and showed me the real source of my pain.

Carson M, USA

I think other people plan for accidents.  It just happened to me.  Sore neck and back, had to change career.  Didn’t get used to not working.  Got depressed and slept all day.  I chose the programme a “Balanced Life”.  Helped immensely with my transition to new work.

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