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Active Listening

Communication improves 10x when you actively listen.

Be present, engaged and process what you hear with an understanding to informatively reply or take action.  Active Listening is concentrating on who is speaking and their message, rather than just passively hearing.

Balance Life ~ Social Skills

  • Listening Patience – Learn to stop rushing in when you have a thought and overtake the conversation, dismissing the other person, finish their sentences, or intimidate them into hurrying up with your gestures.
  • Give the person time to collect their thoughts to get their message across.
  • Turn Poor Habits into Competent and Efficient Communicating; cross-talking, dismissive, interruptions, one-upping, downgrading yourself, fake empathy, lies, rudeness, and more.
  • Skills taught from a Compassionate perspective. Giving you time to process the learning.
  • Differing Abilities Welcome: Whether you are dyslexic, hard of hearing, or a slower processor of information, have a lisp, anxiety or any other challenge diagnosed or perceived by yourself. You are most welcome to be taught
  • Listening to the best of your abilities.
  • Assessment: Listening, Following, Interpreting & Comprehension Skills
  • Gain Confidence in Speaking up, Public Speaking, Remove Negative Self-Talk
  • Personalise for your Learning: Choose a Primary Learning Style or Combined Aural, Written, Demonstration, Listening, Tactile, Emotional or Visual.
  • Learn and use Techniques to Increase Memory.
  • Understand Your Challenges to Overcome Obstacles in Listening.
  • Gauge Your Emotional Compass – Keep calm when you get defensive, angry or frustrated in conversation.
  • Learn Proactive Skills in Listening – on the spot flow of thought, communicate with action in mind, or give space for the other(s) to be heard.
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