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Balance Life

Balance is the concept of continuous motion affecting everything.

While you plan, schedule and organise your life, the world has other ideas about your time of completion.  People interrupt, situations change, clients and work get dropped or increased.  Balancing is not a fixed artform, but rather fluid like a stream.

Active Listening ~ Social Skills

  • As balance is a continuously moving target, you can learn to anticipate your needs in life to be in control of the see-saw.
  • Understanding your aims, goals and priorities.
  • Emotional balance in line with physical and mental balancing.
  • Anticipating the unexpected to remain self-controlled and not over-obsessed or controlling of others.
  • Time relativeness to your output.  Often your sense of time is out of whack with real time.  Learn to feel, move around and through time.
  • What are you saying to yourself and others?  Confronting, emotional, controlling or are you impactful, positive and encouraging?
  • Learn to balance your internal with your external being.
  • Connect, prepare, plan, examine and have goals in moderation.
  • How to balance your physical with your psychological and spiritual needs.
  • Adopt an awareness for to being ‘out of sorts; when rest, food and a hug are needed.  Restore your balance gradually to a continuum state of calm.
  • Practice energy balancing to increase, decrease and avoid as necessary.
  • Protect yourself from negative people and situations.
  • and more. . .