Be Spectacular, Coaching

Learn a New Skill

Upgrading or learning a new skill may come easy or a little challenging depending on the skill itself and your learning abilities – by abilities I refer to your learning style. How you process information is exceptionally important.

  • Assessment of where you are now regarding your skillset(s)
  • Learn to Interpret & Comprehension Skill
  • Practical Steps to Follow
  • Embrace Abilities & Challenges, Overcome Obstacles
  • Retain the Skill Long term
  • Action Plan to Implementing Skill into your life and work
  • Personalise for your Learning: Choose a Primary Learning style or Combined Aural, Written, Demonstration, Listening, Tactile, Emotional or Visual.

Do you learn best as a visual or tactile learner or by listening? If you don’t know, discover the best way you learn. All sessions are taught to your learning style for you to grasp the new skill more efficiently and retain it long term.

  • Learn Techniques to Increase Memory.
  • Skills taught from a Compassionate perspective. Giving you time to process the learning.
  • Differing Abilities Welcome: Whether you are dyslexic, hard of hearing, or a slower processor of information, have a lisp, anxiety or any other challenge diagnosed or perceived by yourself. You are most welcome to be taught Active Listening to the best of your abilities.
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