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Social Skills

Social Skills smooth your road to good intentions.

How you interact with the world dictates how you fair.  Knowing how to read the sign, when to ignore them or take notice will improve your influence.  Improving your social skills improves success.

Active Listening ~ Balance Life

  • Smile and say ‘Hello”
  • Listening attentively, with space to hear and respond accordingly.
  • Understanding how to build rapport.
  • Learn to maintain your composure (even while you want to strangle people).
  • How to keep someone’s attention on subjects their not pleased to hear.
  • Develop a self-censor in sharing about your challenges with appropriate self-disclosure.
  • Appropriate eye contact – when too much can be overwhelming and aggressive.
  • Build assertiveness – say what needs to be said. How to be in control when needing to deliver harsh or bad news.
  • Physical space and awareness – proper touch and
  • Being aware of your surrounding – what is appropriate behaviour in various situations.
  • Standing out.  How to be comfortable with the attention.
  • Manners and Etiquette for all situations.
  • Thinking on your feet, taking action, listening and feeling your way.
  • Learn the unspoken rules of the game of human interaction.
  • Develop being comfortable with yourself socially.
  • Understanding various cultures and communities.
  • Know what your physical self is doing, and how it affecting others.
  • Releasing defensiveness.
  • What to do if you are consistently negative.
  • and more ….