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Strategies and Direction for Living,

Be Spectacular Coaching that helps you . . . .

MAKE choices without guilt, fear, anxiety or obligation. Learn to follow your own lead, not anyone else's.

CREATE your life's plan with focus, concrete solutions without feeling obligated to others.

LIVE life with compassion, self-respect and immediate growth in all aspects of your life.

TAKE the necessary actions to make your life happy, productive and purposeful.

ARE YOU . . .



Stuck and Miserable?

Falling while you let Fear Run Your Life?

Turn Your Life Around with the Support You Need.

Meet Meesa Nagra

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada blessed with the ocean at my door, the old growth forests and falling asleep to sounds of rain.

At 18 I used my talent for critical thinking working as a bank Loan Refinancer and on to looking after million-dollar accounts. Earned a BA, travelled, ran businesses and moved to England to enjoy walks in fields, the hidden walkways and cobblestone roads.

I know defeat; holding my breath just waiting for help and floundering back to defeating habits without answers and feeling deflated when I couldn’t find the right help.

A common thread for most of us is the struggle to find the right guidance that will teach us to make proper choices.

Often making critical choices is daunting, loaded with guilt, hindering obligations and dominated with of other’s opinions. Our judgements are clouded causing us to waffle where we impede personal growth and happiness.

Bringing people together with the same challenges, I found I could bring them clarity and help to discern obstacles from limiting perspectives to being empowered making confident solid choices.

Making Choices
that alter your life comes down to being honest. Do you want to change? What can you give up, gain, negotiate, and who to keep in your life?
Opt-in for sensible and practical solutions on how to make choices, what actions to take, understanding the consequences to vacillating and a how a clear plan of action will propel you to the life you want.


Holistic Tool Kit - Beginner to Expert Instruction


Instruction on varying types of meditation: lead meditation, seated and focused. Religious and non-religious.


Living life fully, moment to moment, focus on what and who is in your now instead of your mind being in the past or future or both. Live the details as well as the whole.


Personalised Hatha Yoga Sequence that includes all styles of yogasana (exercise), pranayama (breath), and samadhi (meditation).


Your emotions go askew for many reasons. Learn your triggers, and solutions for Depression / Anger, Frustration / Helplessness, Fear / Insecurities, and etc.



Listen to hear when connecting with others offers understanding, clarification and getting the facts correct.

Communicating is less about speaking than hearing.

When you are part of the dialogue, every aspect of your life improves.


Balance your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Improve harmony with realistically achievable goals.

Take care of yourself first by establishing constructive boundaries.

Increase your energy and personal time with purpose and confidence.


Social skills are a crucial component to leading a healthy and gratifying life.

Enhance your manners, decorum, and comfort in all social interactions by conquering your fears and anxieties.

Engage with the world with respect, confidence and ease.


Include in your Coaching learning new skills.

STOP SPINNING Clarity, Focus, Priorities
Schedule, Committments Productivity, Objectives, Goals
HEALTH & WELLNESS Yoga, Therapy, Nutrition
Dialogue Communicate, Listen, Thrive
ABUSE Recognise & Conquer
SOCIAL SKILLS Introvert, Extrovert, Manners
RELATIONSHIPS Building, Culling, Supportive
DIRECTION Maps, Brainstorm, Strategize
LEADERSHIP, SUPPORTERS Direction, Skilled, Manage
Quick Mind, Problem Solve Meditate & Mindfulness
BUSINESS, ENTREPRENEUR Moving Forward, Development
WRITE YOUR PLAN 1, 3, 5 Year Plans

Eileen K, Canada

Meesa has an interesting brain.  I am happy to skip along the top of the water, where as she goes deep, discovers and explores.  This is why I hired her.

Manpreet S, UK

Never knew this mentoring was available before meeting Meesa.  I was so full of anger, frustration and wanted to scream. Tried coaches and a counsellor only to be told the same thing, ‘You are blocking your own changes’.  Meesa turned my thoughts around with compassion and showed me the real source of my pain.

Carson M, USA

I think other people plan for accidents.  It just happened to me.  Sore neck and back, had to change career.  Didn’t get used to not working.  Got depressed and slept all day.  I chose the programme a “Balanced Life”.  Helped immensely with my transition to new work.